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Music Production Process

There are many methods and countless ways to make music from beginning to finish. This is an overview of the ways I work with clients, but it is impossible to discuss all of the different options in just a few paragraphs. 

Song Writing

If you aren’t covering a song that is already written, this is where it begins. You may have your songs written, hire a song writer to write a song for/with you or ask a friend to write a song. I have done all of these with different clients. I am blessed to have spent some time working on songwriting skills at the Berklee College of music. 


This is where the music begins to take shape. The arranger takes the mood, feel, instrumentation and the budget into account when arranging the music. This will determine the speed, the energy, the harmony, the rhythm and instrumentation of a song.


I recommend having the song and arrangement ready before recording because it will save you time and money in the studio, but not everyone does that. Most artists record their music at a studio. You may need an audio engineer, a producer, and maybe musicians to play the arrangement or someone who can program MIDI. The quality you are looking for and budget will dictate your choices.  

Mixing and Mastering

After the song is recorded successfully, it is recommended that you mix and master the audio. These processes can be widely expanded upon, but to simplify it, mixing is taking the separate recorded tracks and blending them together well, and mastering is taking the final mixed track and making it ready for publishing. This is where the recorded tracks comes to life. 


This is an important step if you want to get your music out to listeners. It can begin before, after or even during the entire processes. There are many different ways to promote your music and companies that you can hire to promote for you, but the simplest way is to get on social media and share what you are up to. 

Fixed Prices



$75 an hour with a cap at $750




Depending on project

$75 an hour