Paccagnella Studios

Video and music production

We are a team of musicians and video producers with years of experience in studio recording, producing, mixing,  mastering as well as filming.


God is a creative being and made us in his image. By being creative we can express a part of God’s character that is only specific to us. We believe in the power of delivering messages with creativity in order to best express not only who we are, but also who God is through us.

Why You Should Choose Us

We don’t know any other companies that have staff as personally invested in the creative and musical process of its clients as us. Our videographers, engineers, editors and musicians are all filled with the same desire to bring art to life by not only using expertise, but also their heart.


Our work ethic has been the most surprising factor when it comes to the feedback we get from our clients. We pride ourselves in taking care of the needs of our clients in order to help them move with confidence when it comes to their art.

Sheet music

Our studio also provides sheet music services. The benefits of sheet music include:

  • Musicians will learn your music with ease
  • Navigating through the music will be much faster on the studio, saving you money.
  • You can take the sheet music anywhere so that other musicians can play your music
  • You will be more confident knowing what musicians will play during live concerts
  • Changing something is as simple as writing it in with a pen.

Previous video work

Drone Footage

Grab the attention of viewers.

Drone benefits:

  • Reduced cost for aerial footage compared to helicopters
  • Filming in small or confined spaces helicopters cannot access
  • Capture new perspectives outside the usual vision from the ground
  • Capture many different things from the air, such as landscapes, sporting matches, and buildings

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